Private Guitar Lessons FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions about Private Guitar Lessons – feel free to contact us for more info.

The cognitive skills usually kick in around at around 8 or 9 year age group. There’s always exceptions but for most, this is a realistic early age to take it on . The reality is most of us start well after that age group without any problems. With the right motivation people can start private guitar lessons at any age.

The short answer is yes. Some assume to play guitar you must learn to read treble clef – the notation system for violin, flute and piano (right hand). Many students are pleasantly surprised to realise they can learn about music – theory, ear training, technique, etc.. without reading music. Having said that, I do urge people to learn to read music to develop greater versatility.

The term ‘play’ is relative. To strum a few simple pop songs for most, takes a few months. To master the guitar as a musical instrument takes the rest of your life, the more you look into it the more you see. There’s always something to learn, be it techniques, concepts, styles etc. It really depends on what style you want play. Pop is typically easier than Metal or Jazz. The aim of private guitar lessons are to help you on the path to play what you want.

Guitar Tuners are a must have for both beginners and pros alike. There are clamp on tuners that attach to a guitar’s headstock. Other tuners are a built in component of a guitar amplifier or are installed onboard on some steel ( and occasionally nylon string ) guitars. There’s also tuning apps available. Either way, a tuner is a must have item. as guitars need to be constantly checked for tuning. This can be due to environmental factors such as heat and humidity or old strings.

Acoustic guitars fall into 2 main categories – Nylon string ( Classical ) and Steel string ( known as Acoustic). As a rule, entry level Nylon strings are cheaper, they’re gentler on the fingers and tend to have the same size body and neck, in other words they all feel pretty much the same. They also come in 3/4 size versions – a good option for kids. Steel strings are generally the ‘go to’ instrument for pop and contemporary performers because of their sound and volume. There are more variables when thinking steel strings – but they’re a good choice once you get going.

If you’re a first timer it might seem to make sense to buy a cheaper budget guitar. It’s understandable not outlaying too much for a pursuit you’re uncertain about – but the old saying ‘You Get What You Pay For’ holds true. Don’t be tempted to buy a cheapy. Some cheap guitars are actually harder to play and are chronically un-tuneable . Decent entry level Nylons start at @ $200 – $300 Steel strings and Electrics at @$500 -$600. Check out the Guitar Factory Gladesville  for a great range of guitars. 

We’ve been zooming for the last 2 years with positive results. Many prefer the convenience of online private guitar lessons for both flexibility with lesson times and travel.

Price available on application. We don’t oblige new students to pay for guitar lesson blocks up front, the first guitar lesson is a single one off payment. If continuing – we have weekly lesson block options for 4 , 5 or 10 weeks – 5 week lesson blocks are standard.  Flexi-times can be arranged. Contact us and we’ll be happy to explain how it all works.

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