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Why  Us ?

Why Us ?

The Guitar Factory School has been around since 2000. We teach all ages and levels. Our staff are qualified trained professionals with decades of playing and teaching experience. We cover any style or level you like. In other words - we know what we're doing !

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We're $35 per 1/2 hour lesson. The first  lesson is a one off $35 payment. If continuing - we have lesson block options for 4 , 5 or 10 weeks. The 5 week lesson block is standard. Lessons are weekly. Flexi-times can be arranged.

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Lessons can be as light or as in-depth as required. At the very least - student's learn a repertoire of their favourite songs, if they want to dig deeper, they learn the foundations to get to a professional level. We specialise in broad-ranging styles such as  Rock, Classical, Metal, Jazz, Fingerstyle and Country.

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Mon -Thurs - 10.00 am - 9.00 pm. 
Sat - 8.30 am - 5.00 pm.

280 Victoria Rd,  Gladesville,   Sydney  2111 NSW. | Phone - 0409 663 238

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    Hamish MacMillan is a great guitar teacher. His knowledge of the guitar from a theoretical and practical perspective is excellent and he is able to clearly communicate practice and theory. He makes lessons enjoyable and he is a good listener. He ensures lessons are tailored to meet students' particular needs. I have always enjoyed lessons with Hamish and have progressed well as a result of his help. He has also written a text book the Beginners Survival Guide for Guitar. I regularly refer to it. It is an essential resource and reflects his comprehensive knowledge of the guitar. I highly recommend Hamish as a guitar teacher.
    Michael Shevlin
    Michael Shevlin
    22:15 28 Nov 17
    I've been playing guitar for many years and in that time I've taken lessons with several teachers. I'm really happy to have found Hamish as a teacher. He has taught me more over the last few years than I could ever imagine. His practical and theory teaching methods are very broad, as is his knowledge of various musical styles. His teaching methods are fun, yet structured and informative and I always walk away from a lesson feeling that I have achieved something positive. He has patience and is excellent at transferring his skills. Highly recommended!
    John Ackland
    John Ackland
    23:34 27 Sep 17
    Hamish is a great teacher and player. He is able to teach students of all levels and abilities; additionally he has an easy-going manner and is flexible in his approach. I couldn't recommend him more highly.
    Mark Ross
    Mark Ross
    04:21 30 Oct 17
    Had lessons with Hamish at the guitar school and had an excellent experience. He was punctual, helpful, patient and tailored lessons really well to fit the level of my playing. Would not hesitate to recommend him to players of all levels. And hey, he's a great guitarist and a nice guy!
    Angus McEwan
    Angus McEwan
    02:09 16 Oct 17
    I can honestly say 'Hamish is the best Guitar Tutor' I have ever come across. Hamish is patient, kind, and generous with his time. I've had lessons from Hamish on and off over the last five years and I will continue to be his student for years ahead. Hamish displays in depth knowledge of music theory and tears come to my eyes when he plays 'The Blues' his improvisations truly move my soul!
    John Bonato
    John Bonato
    01:43 25 Sep 17
    I started last year pretty much from scratch after not picking up a guitar in 45 years. Hamish was great and got me going quickly. However, lack of practice means that some of what I learnt has gone, so I'm about to get back into it and am looking forward to sitting opposite Hamish again.
    Paul Donnellan
    Paul Donnellan
    06:54 26 Feb 18
    Before learning from Hamish, my eight-year-old son had never played a guitar. After just a few months of lessons he can play all the standard open position chords, read sheet music and guitar tablature, and play several pieces of music. From the beginning Hamish exposed him to different genres of music.
    joel couchman
    joel couchman
    00:13 27 Apr 18
    As a complete beginner with no prior music exposure, I tried attending a beginners’ class elsewhere but felt uncomfortable and was about to give up. A friend suggested I try the Guitar Factory School at Gladesville and so I went along and was lucky enough to meet Hamish. Hamish is an amazing guitar player and teacher who knows how to structure his lessons to suit his audience. He has a world of patience and is truly enthusiastic about imparting his knowledge on guitar students of all ages and skill levels.
    Christine Young
    Christine Young
    10:32 30 May 18
    This positive review is very overdue. Hamish was a great mentor and teacher and my son went from just mucking about to finishing his HSC music with distinction. The techniques learned over the years with Hamish were, without doubt, significant from classical, rock, jazz to metal. There was a discipline learned and lots of extracurricular fun in bands as a consequence. Hamish is very good at building a rapport no matter the age and the ability. The fees were reasonable and the learning invaluable.
    Elizabeth LH
    Elizabeth LH
    02:00 05 Apr 19
    Just started a few months ago and Hamish has taught me really well and helped me how to understand the guitar heaps better. Great place for beginners to learn as well as people looking to extend their knowledge. He teaches you songs that you want to learn and you get to learn how you want to. Great place, five stars.
    Tess Mahoney
    Tess Mahoney
    07:01 11 Jun 19
    Hamish is a true teacher. He is able to adapt to a complete beginner like myself and really motivate me to persist through the early stages to develop the skills needed to make learning an engaging and interesting process. His obviously deep knowledge and skills make him an outstanding mentor. His patience is really appreciated and he introduces new elements each session to keep things lively. Terrific.
    Eric Lundberg
    Eric Lundberg
    03:01 12 Jun 19
    Hamish has been a fantastic teacher for my daughter Olivia. In just over a year she has come so far. Hamish has really taken the time to get to know Liv and has adapted his teaching style to get the best out of her. They often jam together. She gets a really great sense of achievement and satisfaction from learning new chords or songs. Highly recommend Hamish and the team at Guitar Factory School.
    Jennifer Woodward
    Jennifer Woodward
    11:35 05 Aug 19
    Our 13 y.o son has been learning the acoustic and electric guitar here weekly for the last 8 months and absolutely loves it. His teacher Hamish has been excellent and a huge inspiration to him - motivating teenagers is not an easy task , but Hamish has a real ability to connect . His patience, passion and ability to teach is really unique, our son has learnt so much and actually WANTS to practice each week and now wants to study music at school for his HSC.
    Craig and Laura F
    Craig and Laura F
    18:46 04 Dec 19
    My son was enamoured to Hamish’s patient and considered teaching approach from day one and has never looked back. Hamish ensures the lesson is fun whilst keeping the learning on track, so much so I have decided to start lessons with Hamish too. Appreciate the fact I’m receiving a tailored approach from Hamish also, not just a repeat of my sons lessons. Would highly recommend. Matthew
    M M
    M M
    11:00 05 Dec 19
    Hamish has been a wonderful guitar teacher who I have had for just over a year now. He is always very kind and friendly, and ensures each lesson is extremely fun and enjoyable, whilst also insightful and educating. Each lesson flows on well from the last, and he always gives the option of changing the course of the lesson if I myself am not enjoying it. I feel that I have developed significantly over the past year or so, and it is thanks to the exceptional quality of Hamish's teaching and The Guitar Factory School.
    Xavier W
    Xavier W
    23:08 17 Dec 19
    Hamish is highly qualified, and a fantastic teacher for all guitar players, no matter what their ability or knowledge. He will tailor lessons for anyone's specific needs from basic to advanced, and his musical knowledge is unsurpassed. If you want help or advice on anything guitar related go and learn from Hamish. You won't regret it
    Peter North
    Peter North
    05:36 18 May 20
    Hamish is an amazing teacher. I had played guitar for 10 years and struggled to understand music theory and apply it to my playing. It was super frustrating. I was stuck just playing other people’s music. Hamish helped me understand this theory and apply it to my playing. It opened up a freedom to my playing that I had always desired. I am truly grateful for his help and would recommend him to anyone that is keen to push their ability to the next level
    Declan Read
    Declan Read
    00:51 04 Sep 20
    Staff know their gear and are very helpful. Hands down the best guitar/music shop I have been to (I have been playing for over 25 years). Keep up the good work!
    Jim Reed
    Jim Reed
    11:07 13 Oct 20

    Our Staff

    Guitar Teacher - Hamish MacMillan

    Hamish MacMillan

    Ass. Dip. Jazz Studies - Sydney Con.

    Began guitar at 15. Has over 35 years teaching and playing experience. Studied Jazz at the  Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Has conducted clinics and workshops on a wide variety of musical concepts.

    Areas - Blues and Jazz.

    Guitar Teacher - John Wardle

    John Wardle

    Co-ordinator - Aust Inst. of Music.

    Background in cultural planning policy. Helped change NSW licensing laws to benefit performing musicians. Former policy adviser to NSW Cabinet Ministers. All round great guy and fingerstyle freak !

    Areas - Country and Fingerstyle.

    Guitar Teacher - Felix Lalanne

    Felix Lalanne

    B.Mus Jazz Performance - Syd. Con.

    Started playing guitar at 5 in Paris. Graduated in 2016 from the Sydney Con. Has taught in Sydney since 2010 and performs in his bands 'Funk Engine' and 'Arcing Wires'. Felix transmits knowledge with clarity and attention to detail.

    Areas - Jazz and Classical.

    Guitar Teacher - Hillary Geddes

    Hilary Geddes

    B.Mus Jazz Studies- Sydney Con.

    Hilary is a highly experienced and enthusiastic music educator. She aims to inspire students and instil in them a love for the guitar. Hilary teaches students of all ages and is accomplished at teaching a range of styles. Hilary gigs regularly across Sydney as an in-demand guitarist.

    Areas - Rock, Blues, Jazz,Pop.

    Bass Teacher - Josh Spolc

    Kieren Brereton

    B.MusJazzPerformance -Sydney Con.

    Kieren Brereton is a 2018 Sydney Conservatorium graduate with seven years experience. Performs in the disco-pop band "Cosmic Spice" and hip-hop band "Sagrada Familiar". Takes pride and passion in helping student's realise their musical potential. Kieren currently teaches on Saturdays .

    Areas: Pop, Rock, Metal


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